Robert Wintner

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Horndog Blue

Horndog Blue
By Robert Wintner
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Horndog Blue tracks a man drifting through life as its spectacular perspective shrinks—until he meets a golden dream. A younger woman can bring back the heat, hunger and hopefulness of youth with the mobility only a man of seasoning and means can provide. They set off to explore Europe, discovering instead the irreconcilable difference that twenty years make. Abandoned by his young love, he must face his own capacity for self-decpetion, or face a future as empty as the ache in his chest. Horndog Blue is the searing portrait of a man stuck in flawed dreams, written by a master storyteller. It is a book not only about lust but also about love, vibrant women and a satyr on a journey of discovery.

Hardcover | 9781881334385 | June 13, 1995