Robert Wintner

Author | Snorkel Exec | Photographer | Conservationist

Robert Wintner

...A bold claim, maybe, until bold influence—Joseph Conrad and Charles Bukowski, Herman Melville and Eudora Welty—are factored with keen efficiency for modern times.

“I was in the moment when Tuan Jim got shot. Bukowski makes me laugh out loud.” –Robert Wintner.

Wintner’s short fiction has appeared in Hawaii Review (University of Hawaii) and Sports Illustrated. His historical novel, In a Sweet Magnolia Time, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and a PEN/Faulkner Award. Los Angeles production companies optioned his sailing novel Whirlaway and the motorcycle adventure The Modern Outlaws for film rights.

Robert Wintner is also Executive Producer and a key player in The Dark Hobby, a feature film from Paradise Filmworks, on the campaign to end aquarium trade devastation on reefs around the world, beginning with Hawaii and with Hawaiian cultural practitioners on the front lines.

Wintner lives on Maui with his wife Anita, Cookie the dog, Rocky, Yoyo, Inez, Buck, Tootsie, and Coco the cats, and Elizabeth the chicken.