Robert Wintner

Author | Snorkel Exec | Photographer | Conservationist

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Robert Wintner’s on-line gallery supplements The Reef Galleries at Snorkel Bob’s in Hawaii, at Wailea in South Maui, at Lahaina in West Maui and at The Shops at Mauna Lani near Waikoloa on the Big Island of Hawaii. For earlier reef photos from the best reefs around the world visit Robert on Zenfolio.

Please request pricing from And note: all art is mounted on acrylic, up to 60" per side. Please contact for pricing.


Humuhumulei Memo
Banded Reef Shrimp Dangle
Vlaming’s Unicorn Confidential
Undulated Moray at Home
Anemonefish Confidential
8-Line Wrasse Confidential
Flame Wrasse Confidential
2-Java Time
Bird of Paradise
Cayo Largo Cuba
Ulua/Bluefin Trevalle
Cookie as a Child
Cookie Gives Thanks to Dog Above
Octovia! Curtain Call
Pencil Urchin Monther Ship
Potter's Angelfish Up Close
RW 1981 SF
Redbar Hawkfish Repose Redhill
Saddle Wrasse Skull Cove
Shark Angle Jardines
Snowflake Baby Moray
So Young
So Red
Tarpon Confidential
Texture Razor Coral
Titan Triggerfish Confidential
Trumpetfish Memo
Undulated Moray Oh Hey I wont be a minute Redhill
Unicornfish Light
Redspotted Sand Perch Rises for a Family Portrait
Whip Coral Goby Light
Yellow Tang Neptune Speaks
Yellowtail Coris Say Hey
Eyestripe Surgeonfish Speaks
Gilded Triggerfish in the Mist
Goat Gang La Perouse
Hawaiian Turkeyfish Child
Hawksbill Winging
I Feel So Different When I'm With You
Chevron Tang Glance Back
Juvie Sailfin Speaks Bora Bora
Longnose Butterflyfish Comes Forth
Manta Back Arch Redhill Shallow
Milk Shakin' Mama, the Movie, 1971
My Mandarin Sings
Magnificent Cerotosoma
Magnificent Tube Worm Sequijor
2-Spot light
220 Shark Confidential Jardines
Anthius Threadfin
Blue Chromis Interlude
Coronet blues
Coronet Confidential
Cuda Cuddles
Disappearing Wrasse Comes Forth
Dragon Wrasse Juvie in Halameda
Ewa Fang Blenny Redhill
Featherduster Confidential
Thornback Cowfish Peekaboo
Thornback Cowfish 3 Anx
Thorny Seahorse Dumaguete
Urchin Skull