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Lizard Blue, a novel
SKU: 978-1-7366222-3-0

  Lizard Blue is a novel, set mostly in Europe, where love and meaning can't quite reconcile.  
    Drifting through a life grown dreary, a man encounters a younger woman. In a glance, she restores the heat, hunger, and hopefulness of youth. Meeting again, as if by chance, they stumble over the differences between them, like age, mobility, and need. They set off for Europe, to scratch each other’s back, but the itch lingers. Agreeing to part, briefly, to refresh, she heads south to see an old friend, as he stays north, alone.

     Lizard Blue is the portrait of a man, driven to a fault, written by a true storyteller. It is a novel about lust and love, vibrant women, and a middle-age satyr who suffers love in his heart, on his way to discovery. 
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Whirlaway, a novel
SKU: 9781736622209

"A daring look behind the scenes of tourism in Hawaii. Passages depicting open-sea crossings are vivid, and the cameos of mainland tourists are dead-on."—Publishers Weekly  

 As a Maui County Library Hot Pick and Beach Book of the Month Club Main Selection, Whirlaway resounds among charter crews.

NOTE: PG 17, this one, so fasten your seatbelts & prepare for heavy weather. We're going in. Not for the faint-hearted of any age.

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Was Is: The Oceania Duet, Book 2

Achieving vast success professionally and at home, Ravi is plunged to depression when his dog dies. The family departs on life callings, and he moves from Tahiti back to Hawaii, where fate pulls him into a political campaign. The adventure weaves kindred spirits and random demons in the Land of Aloha, where machine politics grinds sensible to stupid, and corruption feels normal.
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In a Sweet Magnolia Time
SKU: 978-1-7366222-6-1

Waities Waring was the first judge in US history to rule that separate but equal is not equal, but he gets no mention in the archives, because we was widely perceived as vindictive. He'd taken up with a Yankee spitfire, putting out his wife of 35 years. Charleston reacted harshly, and Waring gave back with separate but equal. Exiled to NY from Charleston, SC, Waring died there a cold, lonely, broken man 17 years after his ruling. The tale begins at the funeral, in the voice of Waring's protege, derailed, who burned a cross on Waring's lawn.
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The Modern Outlaws
SKU: 978-1-7376606-1-3

The Modern Outlaws are men convened by chance for a motorcycle trip through Montana. Understated with expressions of good taste, they suffer the common lust. Rapacious appetite for wine and women leads to thundering obtrusion on sleepy hamlets and shady dives, where they take what may be taken. Buster hides his hostility. 
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Touch of the Unknown Rider
SKU: 978-1-7366222-9-2

Book 2 of the road saga, twenty years along from The Modern Outlaws. Aging men seek more of the same or something more.
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SKU: 9781631580208

Nine million Americans are touched by aneurysms during their lifetime. This is one story of love.

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Dragon Walk
SKU: 9781510736733

The three main hubs of aquarium trade devastation are Indonesia, the Philippines, and Hawaii. Each has its own sad story of political corruption and theft of natural resources to benefit a greedy, ruthless few.
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Reefdog: The Oceania Duet, Book 1
SKU: 9781631581052

Can a conflicted dive leader keep from drowning amidst a midlife crisis, a breakup, an attempted murder, and the changing of his beloved Hawaiian paradise?
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A California Closing
SKU: 9781631580871

Big M OK Used Car–magnate Michael Mulroney never set out to be heroic. He lives at the top, naturally, thanks to instinct, wit, and the will to win. Insolvency is not the same as poverty; poverty is for poor people. And a man of proven dexterity is not poor. He beats the practical challenges of life in the golden state—of fickle markets, lowballers, long-toothed real-estate women, name droppers, fitness compulsives, sexual-molestation charges, and the ten-percent grade up Hazel Dell on a bicycle four days in a row—at sixty!
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Reef Libre
SKU: 9781630760731

Decades of isolation from tourism and development have left Cuba’s coral reefs among the most pristine in the world, an “exceptionalism” that stands in stark contrast to the island nation’s poverty and political situation. Famed diver/photographer Robert “Snorkel Bob” Wintner showcases these magnificent reefs with his astounding underwater images, while also capturing terrestrial life in the cities and villages of the island nation.
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1969 and Then Some
SKU: 9781631580192

The year when everything needed to be experienced and tried, when innocence was tempted, played, and lost.
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Neptune Speaks
SKU: 9781620872949

Neptune Speaks is packed with full-color photographs of tropical fish on every page, but this book is more than just a beautiful guide. It's a call to defend the creatures of the sea that are under attack by fierce predators--humans. The popularity of keeping tropical fish in home and office aquariums, and the overfishing of waters around the world to satisfy the demands of diners looking for ever-more exotic fare have put these amazing species in danger of disappearing entirely.
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Every Fish Tells a Story
SKU: 9781616083960

Lively and irreverent, this book is more conversation than lecture, and more social than scientific. 
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Some Fishes I Have Known
SKU: 9781616081409

The book is colorful and based in action, with insight to the lives and homes of reef fish, while pointing out a dark undercurrent now sweeping reefs clean around the world, the aquarium trade. Hawaii supplies 80% of all fish in U.S. aquaria, and many more fish for Europe and China.
Underwater is under the radar for this devastating commercial extraction with no regulation, no catch limit, no limit on the number of catchers and no protection for rare or endemic species.
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Wintner's Reserve
SKU: 9780971044333

Robust yet complex, these vintage domestics sparkle on the palate with innuendo and overtone.
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Toucan Whisper, Toucan Sing
SKU: 9781579620769

Toucan Whisper, Toucan Sing is the story of two brothers, Antonio, a gregarious gigolo, and Baldo, a dysfunctional mute who loves nature. Both work at a resort hotel, as does Lyria, betrothed to the joyous Antonio, yet drawn to the silent one. In the tangle is a murder on the beach and extrication, Mexican style.
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Lonely Hearts, Changing Worlds
SKU: 9781579620288

Ten short stories in 240 pages, what one Seattle radio interviewer called, "Really, the very best stories I've read in a long, long time."
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SKU: 9781579620622

Homunculus is a story of down-and-outers in the tradition of Charles Bukowski or Graham Greene, dealing with an expatriate American community in a small Mexican town. 
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The Prophet Pasqual
SKU: 9781579620509

The Prophet Pasqual is set in Hawaii in modern times and deals with Hawaii's two realities. The first is the postcard-pretty one. The second is comprised of the grit, heat, pollution, greed, racism and lust in the 50th state.
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Hagan's trial and other stories
SKU: 9781881334408

Darkly comic, deeply ironic, these stories are a compelling chronical.
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The Ice King
SKU: 9781881334101

Robert Wintner, in a narrative voice at once powerful and lyrical, passionate and graceful, creates The Ice King as a steadfast and comforting presence in the life of a man whose childhood was forever altered by his father’s death and his own subsequent loss of place.

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Solomon Kursh
SKU: 979-8-9855513-1-0

Solomon Kurshis literary narrative. The plot is tangible and gains clarity through practicality, recognition and surrender. Spiritual life needs truth to make things whole and money to make ends meet.
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