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Some Fishes I Have Known

Some Fishes I Have Known
A Reef Rescue Odyssey
By Robert Wintner
Published by Skyhorse
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Every other fish guide available views fish in cold-blooded objectivity, separating the data from its soulful source. Yet any human ever facing a curious fish has sensed communion.

Some Fishes I Have Known strives to share what the title implies, familiarity with some fish—in some cases acquaintance, and in rare examples, friendship.

The book is colorful and based in action, with insight to the lives and homes of reef fish, while pointing out a dark undercurrent now sweeping reefs clean around the world, the aquarium trade. Hawaii supplies 80% of all fish in U.S. aquaria, and many more fish for Europe and China.
Underwater is under the radar for this devastating commercial extraction with no regulation, no catch limit, no limit on the number of catchers and no protection for rare or endemic species.

The free-for-all devastation is “managed” by the State of Hawaii. Global consensus is now inclined to stop the destruction.

Some Fishes I Have Known informs on a critical issue while introducing the key players—the good guys—with panache and sympathy. The narrative is playfullyet powerful, succinctly sweet and painfully stringent.
The subject and photos are fresh, innovative and of fundamental importance.

Hardcover | 192 pages | 9781616081409 | September 1, 2010