Robert Wintner

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Whirlaway, a novel

Whirlaway, a novel
a novel
By Robert Wintner
Published by Twice-Baked Books
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      What happens when two young entrepreneurs inherit nothing and decide to rob a bank the modern way, with lies on paper to finance a sailing yacht? On signatures and handshakes, the future brightens with enough drugs to suspend the NFL, enough liquor to make sagebrush soggy and women with no bones. The only thing missing is reality, but not for long.

     Here is the action and drama of tropical delusion. Martin and Jack reach the nitty gritty, learning the rule of the sea and the real low down on a tropical dreamscape.

Paperback | 303 pages | $9.00 USD | 6x9 | 9781736622209 | April 11, 2021