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The Modern Outlaws: A Road Saga, Novel, Short Stories, Fiction, modern outlaws, men, motorcycle, montana, lust, wine, women, dive bars

The Modern Outlaws

The Modern Outlaws
A Road Saga
By Robert Wintner
Published by iUniverse
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The Modern Outlaws are men convened by chance for a motorcycle trip through Montana. Understated with expressions of good taste, they suffer the common lust. Rapacious appetite for wine and women leads to thundering obtrusion on sleepy hamlets and shady dives, where they take what may be taken. Buster hides his hostility. Stuey triumphs over poverty with excessive chrome, including braces at forty-five. Wheelie must prove his namesake. Derek is happily married, suave and shameless. Wade is stoned. Dave takes blood pressure pills at the pinnacle of industrial leverage. Rodney is Born Again and a petty thief. Joe is a sociopath. Its all around the table with glad-handing and too many names to remember and just as many i.d.s, and we laugh like honest men at a Rotary luncheon. We shake hands on our new business, understanding that it doesn't mean shit, not one speck of it, because getting lost and becoming someone else begins with the utterance of your very name. This is the roll call of resurrection morn. Im Buster. I sell microscopes.The early years were gilded with promise, but this is now, what happened to us. The outlaws emerge, reflected or mocked by their custom motorcycles.

"Robert Wintner paints his imagery with a fine, fresh brush. His style and intelligence transcend genre, and The Modern Outlaws is not so much an excellent biker novel as an excellent novel that happens to be populated with bikers. When you’ve finished the book—which you will—you’ll probably consider it brilliant. I did. Very highly recommended."
—Terry Roorda, Thunder Press

Paperback, hardcover, paperback, ebook & audible | 268 pages | 978-1-7376606-1-3 | November 13, 2021